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Train to Fight Professionally or Just to get Physically Fit.
Whether your goals are to become a professional fighter or simply to lose weight and get in great shape for summer, Tyson Sports can take you there. We welcome you to experience our friendly customer service, world class personal trainers, and motivating environment for yourself.
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The purpose of this class is to provide aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and increase strength, flexibility, control, and coordination through the sport of boxing. This class teaches offensive and defensive boxing skills, proper footwork, and the correct method to wrap hands. The hour-long class includes conditioning, focus pad work, and bag work, including heavy bag, speed bag, and double-end bag. This class includes all the skills to be a competitive boxer.
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Fatigue makes cowards of men. If you want to box, train. If you want to win, train harder. He Who Fears Being Conquered Is Sure Of Defeat.

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You must have patience and a strong desire to learn the art of boxing. There is so much more to boxing than just throwing your hands towards a bag or opponent. It is very important that you have an open mind and understand that it takes time to learn the proper techniques involved in boxing. You will also condition your whole body so you will have the proper physical conditioning that is required for boxing. We want people who are serious about learning to box but want to have fun while learning the sport. You will be brought into the sport at your own fitness level and slowly increase your stamina and fitness level.

We will be featuring our New Upcoming Boxing / MMA Magazine for 2008/2009. All interested fighters please send in a full bio/resume along with pictures. Those interested in publishing an upcoming event in our magazine please email us your event information and we will contact you for further details.


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